The Invisible Battle

“I’m sick, you just can’t tell.”

I think the hardest part about having an autoimmune disease that is characterized by chronic pain, is what is unseen. It is hard waking up after sleeping for hours on end feeling like you haven’t had a wink of sleep. It’s the daily battles that really never end. But the hardest thing by far, is what you can’t convey in words.

The people that are constantly fighting pain inside, don’t get always receive the sympathy or understanding that they deserve. It is easy to look at someone who has a broken leg, or someone who is wheelchair bound, and clearly see that they are hurt and enduring some sort of physical pain. But it is hard to look at someone like me, fighting extreme pain every day, and physically see what I’m going through. Feeling misunderstood can be emotionally exhausting. The fatigue can look like laziness. The pain can appear as an excuse to not do things. But the truth is, it just doesn’t end. Every day is a fight.

Now I’m not writing this as a pity post. I don’t need sympathy or attention, but just the awareness that you can’t judge what someone may be going through based on their appearance. You don’t know by looking at me that my joints are in a constant state of pain and that no medicine has been able to help yet. You don’t know by looking at me that I can barely work because I can’t use my hands or stand for long periods of time. You just can’t tell; and that’s why every single person in this world should give each other a chance.

Autoimmune diseases are sneaky. They wear masks and can tear people up from the inside out. So I give my thoughts and support to the fighters out there who go out into the world every day and try to live the best life they can. I give my love to all the fighters out there who fight the unseen battles created by their own bodies. We can do it… we will fight this invisible battle.

Thanks for reading,

Maya xx




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